The Showroom Space

Located in Athens, the renovated Showroom of The Motley Goat has been co-designed by a local interior design studio and the brand’s creative director as a reflection of the brand’s retro-minimalist philosophy, urban vibe and sophisticated aesthetic. Taking up a 1970s retail store on the second floor, the premises include an exhibition and retail space. Its eclectic aesthetic extends to the combination of retro and modernist furniture selection, whose earthy hues boldly complement the dominant raf blue and grey colour palette, fittingly echoing The Motley Goat’s recent campaigns. What makes these elements work so well together is the designer’s retro approach and his attention to detail.

Founded by Greek fashion designer Michail-Alexander Passos in 2015, the brand explores Greek heritage and sustainable craftsmanship to design and create modern high end products addressed to the global market. Michail-Alexander’s vision is to present eclectic designs and quality that can be embraced to last beyond the season. His designs balance innovation with a respect for tradition and attention to detail.